One day while walking Mac, she found a $20 bill on the sidewalk. So with her found money, she decided to buy a Busy Buddy Bristle Bone, which her puggle friends had recommended. It’s a bone that you put rawhide rings on and then the bristles are supposed to brush her teeth while she works on it.

While Mac seemed to thoroughly enjoy the rawhide chews on the bone and even snuck the bone into bed with her on her first night of having it, I didn’t like the idea of giving her rawhide. So after doing some research, I found that dried sweet potatoes were supposed to be nice and chewy like rawhide, but healthier because they’re easier to digest. 

Mac enjoys the Dogswell Sweet Potato Chews, but since they’re very difficult to punch a hole in to use on the bone, I also started making them myself. I use the recipe from here and then just poke holes in them with an apple corer so they fit on the bone later.

Rawhide chews on bone

Sweet potato treats before they’re baked

After they’re baked

On the bone

Happy puggle